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What You Should Know About Property Management of Commercial Properties

Now that you have made an offer to acquire a commercial property and are waiting to close escrow, you may want to start looking for a property manager to professionally manage the property.

Your real estate investment adviser should not only be conversant with market rates and values but also the legislative requirements that are associated with the ownership of Commercial rental property..
Tenant selection, paying the bills and collecting the rent are important duties however so is complying with the myriad of OWH&S requirements that is necessary to ensure that the tenancy is compliance ready to allow a tenant to take possession.

Legislation is changing on a regular basis and it is the individuals responsibility to keep abreast of any changes as ignorance is not a defense of innocence.

An example of this was the change of Asbestos plan legislation effective the 1st of January 2014 where Federal Legislators introduced legislation which over rode the respective states legislation in Australia. The enacting of this legislation then necessitated that all Asbestos plans that were in place under the respective states legislation were now void and required a new inspection to comply with the Federal laws.
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